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Monday, August 27, 2012

My 2000-piece puzzle : Piazza Bella

START: 26th August 2012
Brand: Clementoni (Italy)
Shop: My Puzzle House (One Utama)
Date of completion: ?????
Team: My brother and I

Well it doesn't look like this yet. Soon, it will! Muahahahahahaha. Cough cough. *to be continued*

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What 8 months can do to you.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you :)

I've been wanting to pen my thoughts on this blog of mine for some time, but never had the time to get to it. Well, I'm about to tell you why. Do be warned that this post may get quite lengthy. The main purpose for this post is for me to hopefully look back at it one day, 40 years from now (let's hope nothing bad happens to the internet, or Blogger) and reflect on the challenge I took up when I was 18. So bear with my loooong post :P It all started with my admission to University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) as a Foundation in Agricultural Science (ASPer) student. But wait, here's the unique part of it. I am a member of the First Batch of ASPer Fast-Track. (ASPer: Asasi Sains Pertanian) Instead of going through foundation studies for a year, I went through it for 8 months. Hard to believe? I had to go through the same amount of workload a normal ASPer student had to go through, but the difference was, I had two semesters instead of 3, and more credit hours each semester. The 1st semester was 23 credit hours, while the second, 24 credit hours.

What did I get myself into?

Well you know what? I'm glad I did get myself into this program.

 8 months I'll never forget.

30th December 2011 to 14th August 2012

Fast-Track Family

When I first entered UPM, I was afraid. Afraid of the pressure and workload. Afraid I couldn't fit in. After all most of them came from boarding schools. I have never been away from family. I knew I would meet students who came from all over the country. Would I be able to click with them? Can I share my thoughts, worries, hopes and happiness with them? 


I have the Al-Mighty Allah to thank for the opportunity to have met them. Every single one of them. No matter how close we are, every single one of you played a part in making my journey ever more enjoyable. Even if we rarely did talk, even if we just smiled to each other as we walked pass each other, thank you, thank you :) 123 of us were divided into 4 groups. I was a member of Group 2 :) Oh and remember our group gossip blog? Makes me burst with so much laughter every time I read it.

Apart from my dear family, friends are the ones who have been with me through thick and thin, going through all our challenges together. There was a lot of stress and pressure involved during our 8 months together. The pressure to perform well. The time constraint. The competition. Remember all those times? When we had to go through tests at night even though we had classes for almost the entire day. No study week for us unlike the normal track students. Having to burn the midnight oil to study, to finish group presentations, to write lab reports. (Oh and let's not forget Fauzi and the gang who would stay up at night to play DOTA and Counter Strike) See Fauzi, I mentioned you, you outta be proud :P Oh by the way, I still have your teddy bear key chain :D (Vino has the other one). 

After SPM results came out, our group reduced to 80 students. We were sad that we had to part with our friends, but we still kept the ASPer spirit burning. I'm going to miss all of you dearly. My friends from Group 2, special mention to my business plan team hehe (Ikan For U Sdn. Bhd. selling tuna fish in a can. Wanna order anyone? :P Hehehe.) Vino, Adele, Poh Yuen and Fathan. We went through a lot together. We shared stories and secrets with each other. All four of you know my hopes and dreams, my fears. You know my weaknesses and strengths, and I'm glad to have been friends with you. I'm going to miss our iftars, meetings (Board Meetings hehe :P) I would pass a formal "meeting memo" to remind you of our "board meetings". Oh and how we just love to bully the "over 18" Fathan who is absolutely "HOTTTT" (Hehe, inside joke!) Kung Fu Tai Chi Panda, gonna miss you. Adele, God Willing you'll get to do medicine. I have faith that you will be a good doctor. Vino, good luck with Biology, be the Ecologist you wanna be! Poh Yuen, all the best with Accounting, good luck with all the challenges you are going to face, and may God bless you always. Fathan, InsyaAllah, pursuing in biomedical science will bless you with a good future ahead.

To all my other friends, I hope you will achieve your dreams. If things don't turn up as you had planned, remember that God has other plans for you, which will be better for your future ahead.

This is only the beginning of our long journey ahead.

(Hehe I am not in this pic! Had something to attend that day)
There are two events that really brought all of us together. 

1) Asasi War Game

The Asasi War Game that was held at Port Dickson saw us growing ever more closer to each other. Despite coming from different Kuliah groups, we worked well when we were put into different camp groups. Before, I only knew some of them by their name, and for some others, I didn't know their name at all! So it was splendid to finally get to know them. During the camp, most of us showed our true colours :O Hehe.

Asasi War Game was held at Kompleks Uniti, PD. During our first day there, we were introduced to the WAR GAME (we were not given any information on it before the camp you see!) and learned the basic skills we needed for our coming few days including how to use the compass, read bearings, and map reading. The facilitators at the camp were very excited and focused when they explained, demonstrated and guided us in our journey to prepare for the upcoming war and since I knew that they knew what we didn't know what was going to happen next, I was not surprised that they were! The main facilitator for the session finally brought out the "secret suitcase" which contained important documents that was entrusted to us and must be kept safe.

All of the sudden, we were surprised by an exploding sound at the back of the hall. Suddenly, two men with black clothes and faces covered with black masks ran in from the side door of the hall, grabbed the suitcase which was left on the front table, and rushed out through the other side of the hall. All of us remained silent for a moment, jaw-dropped. The objective now was to get back the suitcase. We went into the jungle, having to go through obstacle after obstacle. We spent almost 5 hours in the jungle (if I remember clearly). Well, the other activities we had can be viewed in this video made by Asasi staff. Simple video, which brought back priceless memories. By the way, check out Jai's blog on the War Game.

2) ASPer Fast-Track Batch 1 Gala Dinner - Forget Me Not

This event brought a big impact to my Asasi days as I was part of the organizing committee. I was involved in a lot of planning, especially on the financially aspect. It was truly a BIG BIG BIG challenge to organize the dinner. What more, we had to organize it during our 2 weeks of Test 2. Our tests finished on the 13th, and the dinner was on the 15th! The 15th was the only suitable date as our other weekends were occupied and Ramadhan was around the corner. However, good news is we managed to pull it off :) I'm so proud of my friends. We never could have done it without sacrifice, patience and teamwork. We were determined to make it happen. I became closer to many of my friends during the process of planning and organizing. One of them was Faris Fitri. Today, we are very good friends. Other than Faris, I got to know my other friends better, Mai, Adib, Me'on (Amirul), Imran, Azlan, Cbah, to name a few. Every single person played a part in organizing the Gala Dinner. For example, can you see the picture of the beautiful backdrop? That was made by dear Vino, Poh Yuen and Adele. Mai, Fathin and the gang handled door-gifts and presents for award winners.

There were many challenges. Problems on the venue, the guests, time constraint, financial problems, and the list goes on. However so, we didn't give up. Instead we motivated each other to keep on going. I will never forget the strength and spirit you showed me, ASPerians. Let's not forget the amazing videos that were made for the dinner too. The video below is the one I like most, the opening video :) Thanks to the Adib, Me'on, Syafiq J, Naqibah and the gang, you guys amazed me :') Staying up till late and night just to finish the video. Your determination, gosh, so proud of my friends :) Please watch this video. It is toooo very the cute!

It was a night to remember :')

To my dear roommate, Fathin, thank you for being there for me, through good times and bad. I will always remember our moments together. Laughing, cooking together for sahur, studying together, annoying each other, and sharing 101 stories. It was a pleasure to be your roommate. I cried on our last day together. You did too. Good luck with everything. I'll see you when I see you dear :)

I would also like to thank my family. For all your sacrifices and support during the 8 months. I could have never done it without all of you. I'm blessed. Thank You Allah, for blessing me with such a wonderful family. These 8 months have certainly taught me a lot, and I have become a better person, and most importantly, a better Muslim because of it. InsyaAllah I will keep on improving and better myself for my family, the ones that are close to my heart. 

Thank you for the memories. Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays.

Sofea A. Ghani
ASPer Fast-Track Treasurer
Group 2's OP,
Fathan's Managing Director,
Fathin's Sofie,
Imran's hey Sofea hey Sofea heyyyyy!

Signing off.
Over and out ;)                                            

Fast-Track family, you'll be in my heart.                  

P/S We'll be starting our degree programs this September. So time to unwind to the max now! :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have a good weekend :)

Off to PD tomorrow. First trip together with all my Asasi friends. Yes, I'm excited! Take care :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 02 2012

Good morning! It's been a real good while since I really wrote a post, ramble a bit about my life or express my thoughts on certain topics. So. Today marks the 12th of February 2012. What's so special about today you may ask? Well, it's just like any other day. Nothing special, no expectations, I'll just discover what the day has to offer. My days have been like this. I can't expect what will happen. Events unfold. Sadness, anger, happiness; a rush of emotions take over without warning. Being very busy with college work and exam preparations certainly took a toll last week when I fell sick last weekend, which mind you was during the short break between my 2 week of tests. So you can imagine the pressure and stress that was piling up. Fever was no fun, so stomach flu took over after I recovered from it. Haih. -.- Considering I did not fall sick for quite some time before last week, I got it really, really bad this time.

Despite being sick for 6 days and missing a day of lectures, I'm happy to say I'm much better this weekend. Since my first tests finished on Friday, hurray! :D (But I shall completely ignore the fact that I have my 2nd tests in 3 weeks time.)

Where iz me holidayz?

Haha. So far, UPM has been treating me well. I've made friends with students from various states and backgrounds, who each have a unique character. My lecture class if filled with a whole bunch of great people, who make our days fun and enjoyable. We even have a gossip blog you see! Thank you Reeza for all your isu-isu terhangat dan gossip-gossip terbaharu! All I need to do is keep things clean and I won't be the next victim of gossip! Classes have been good. I got to dissect a rat recently. We even had to untangle its intestines up to the anus and measure it. It was around 1.56m. :O It was a truly good experience. Did I mention that I had to cut its head off, crack it open and scoop out the brain? I shall save the gory details then :P

Next weekend we'll be going off to Port Dickson for ASPER WarGame 2012. Team Building! Hope it'll be fun :) Okay then, that's all for now. I shall now head to my books and complete the assignments I need to hand in. Since I was sick last week, only managed to start a few days ago.Oh and I have my MUET exams coming up. Another thing to keep in mind.

If you've got nothing special today, go make it special! Have a great great day :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to be brave

I can say that most of the time when I listen to songs, I tend to pay more attention to the music rather than the lyrics. The music is the first thing that normally registers in my mind. So if there comes a time when I forget a song, it'll be more likely for me to remember it if you hum it to me, rather than tell (not sing) me the lyrics.

Every song has a message. It takes good music to deliver that message.


At times, the lyrics capture our attention first.